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Music manifests a human synchronization of sorts, it drives people to connect because we struggle to contain raw emotion. Raw emotion seeks an outlet or at the very least a distraction. It feeds on human validation. In a world where people grow further apart, a shared love of music can reel people back in, and that is something worth sharing. 

The Fable Sphere
Youtube Channel

The Fable Sphere Youtube channel was initially created for the love of music and music reviews. However it has evolved into looking deeper into lyrics and finding meaning in the music through our everyday lives.  

The Fable Sphere Stats

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Our Spherical Family connects
through the power of music.

The Fable Sphere
Youtube Channels

The Fable Sphere is for anyone and everyone around the world who loves and experiences music the way that we do. It's also a sphere of ideas and discussion regardless if we share a common ground on the thought process. Music ties us all together. Your place in our sphere is always open and welcome. 

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