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Bring Me The Horizon - sTraNgeRs

The First Minute - A minute passed.

Wasn’t written till it was the last thing on your mind,

the kind

of thing you would not have thought of,

everything is exactly as it should be,

not what you thought it should be,

not what you wanted it to be.

A minute passed.

Times up when you think you have enough time,

the time is right when the timing isn’t timed,

enough time is sitting waiting for your time,

wasting time is not your time to haste,

the first minute wasn’t waiting for you to move,

the first minute is now recorded time.

A minute passed.

The first minute for you

wasn’t the right time for us,

the last minute for us,

is not the last time for you,

time was when a time meant more to you,

then a minute passed,

not the first time you paused,

waited a minute for the right time.

A minute passed.

The first minute wasn’t alone,

you timed it so,

the next minute was alone,

as the mind became still,

then time wasn’t timed,

it passed.

A minute passed.



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