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Poem for NF - Motto

NF - Motto

The Drama Of The Brand, The Brand Of The Many

Pig farm, the trotters nest with the bigger picture,

tunnel vision for the tunnel led,

swarm intelligence in the sweltering scripture,

bible of logos for the way ahead.

Industry fed for the biggest mouth that’ll grip yer,

an appetite for those that bled.

Red car pit, the mechanic’s gun, a formula won,

the addict and the dread,

cracks are plastered as is the entourage undone,

the feeble want to be led,

red star pets, dogs and the bitches, collars of fun,

circus owner embedded,

Cocaine seams, dressed to thrill for nipple scandal,

the needle and the thread,

making ignorance on the daily, there is no gamble,

the people, already dead,

an obese premier for the batter coated abuse angle,

fat cats & media in bed,

menus in Gucci while Hermes’ nikes are making bread

for the waistline spread.

Seed planted, a sucker rooted,

need slanted, a sucker looted.

What it takes to what it’ll make,

brand fund for the moribund.

Drama of the brand, sob story for the hanged,

brand of the many, mob glory for the emmy.

Tom Bredesen


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