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A few early STL drops for you guys (in The Sphere & on Youtube):

  1. Nathan Wagner - Worthless (Reaction)

  2. Röyksopp - 'If You Want Me' ft. Susanne Sundfør (Official Visualiser) Reaction

  3. Eye of Melian - Vita Nova (Reaction)

  4. Lara Fabian & Johnny Hallyday - Requiem pour un fou (Reaction)

  5. Zhou Shen - The Song of Heaven Island (Reaction)

  6. Lord Huron - The Night We Met (Alive From Whispering Pines) Reaction

  7. Madrugada - Salt (Reaction)

Hope you enjoy.

See you guys tomorrow with more. :)

Tom Bredesen
Michael Reiter
May 31, 2023

Thanks for dropping them already before the weekend! By the way, a suggestion for the STL form: There is only one line for comments, which makes it difficult to edit the text when someone writes more than just a few words. A larger text field with more lines would be more convenient.



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