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Hey Fil, I just wanted to say if you want to hold off uploading my Dimash reactions for a week or more it would be fine. You might know, but if you don't, his Grandfather (who raised him like a son due to their traditions in KZ with the first born son) passed away early this week and the funeral was today. And you know how Dimash feels about family. The songs I sent you are all happy and upbeat fun ones of a younger Dimash. Out of respect for him and his family and Grandpa Qudaibergen they can definitely wait. Its an incredibly sad time for the family of "Dears" 💔😰😥

Fable Fil
Fable Fil
Fable Fil
16 jun 2023

I will drop Dimash reactions toward the end of next week. Just to give it a bit of time. Completely agree with you.

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