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Hi Guys,

My PC needed a complete new drive as it burnt out, it was quite a big issue. Tonight I'll be backing up and downloading all my programs again, literally from scratch from the cloud which is such a pain as I need to re-setup everything like it was before again.

I apologise for the delay, I'm going to try my best to get some drops done by tomorrow, see how far I go setting this whole machine up again.

Nothing will drop until this week's STL's are done, these will obviously be the first reactions I drop, once these are done we will move on to other reactions.

I'll do something for you guys next week to compensate for the delay on this batch.

Please bare with me....

Tom Bredesen
Becky Nicholas
Becky Nicholas
Becky Nicholas
Jun 25, 2023

oh man, technology....we love it but when it goes bad it's a nightmare! I feel for you. Lots of deep breaths 🤗🤗



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