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This is for Sammy.

Don't know if you've seen this. Rick Beato - music producer, multi instrumentalist, teacher, songwriter and YouTuber did an interview with Myles Kennedy a couple of years ago.

Rick has amazing content on his channel including 'What makes this song great'.


Tom Bredesen
Anna Hall
Jun 11

Hi Frank, thank you! Yes I’ve actually seen the interview and I was really happy to see someone like Rick acknowledging Myles’ talent.

I enjoy Rick’s channel a lot even though when he starts analyzing songs going into all the technical aspects of songs, it’s usually way over my head. If you haven’t seen his interview with Sting, you should check it out. You can see Sting acting like “who is this guy” in the beginning but slowly warming up and it’s an amazing interview/discussion.

I was always hoping he would do a “What Makes This Song Great” episode on Alter Bridge’s Blackbird. And he should really interview Mark Tremonti too, I think that would be a great conversation.

Speaking of which, if you’ve heard of the channel “The Charismatic Voice” she’s done interviews with each of them.

Thanks again!



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