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First round of STL drops from last week (on Youtube - will be uploaded to The Sphere a little later):

  1. Dimash Kudaibergen - Leyla and Jamaica (Reaction)

  2. Dimash - Neverland (迪玛希) Fantastic Carnival CCTV3 (Reaction)

  3. Dimash - Turkish Song - "Gesi Bağları" 2023 (Reaction)

  4. Dimash Kudaibergen - Go Go Power Rangers Song (Reaction)

  5. Forestella - Inner Universe (Phantom Singer All Stars) Reaction

  6. Hua Chenyu - Here We Are (Mars Chapter) Reaction

  7. 高画質 ONE OK ROCK「Good Goodbye] LIVE2015 (Reaction)

  8. Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Abbey Road Live Session] (Reaction)

  9. Steven Tyler & 2CELLOS - Dream On, Walk This Way (Reaction)

  10. Zhou Shen - Don't Wanna Sleep (Reaction)

Hope you enjoy.

See you guys tomorrow with more.

Tom Bredesen
Becky Nicholas
Fable Fil
Michael Reiter
Becky Nicholas
Becky Nicholas
Jun 28, 2023

Fil, I was going to send you "Okinis" (regret) next 🤗.....yes he sang it only once at a concert in Shenzhen China in 2018. He composed the music for it. There are a few fancams but that's it. Not sure which one was shared but I think this is the "clearest" sounding/ on your cc's, a few are fanmade videos with the song in the background.



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