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I have been trying to record this Ren 360 reaction for 2 days now and for some reason it keeps lagging on streamlabs when trying to do the 360 thing and the voice cuts out... Bending me out of shape.

Trying to sort it out.... As I do it will drop immediately.

Vila Guillen - You can request another STL at no charge for the delay. So you'll get 2. (You can place the request below this post.)

Apologies about that.

Tom Bredesen
Fable Fil
12 Ιουν 2023

Oh! I was wondering what had happened.

Regarding the Ren video, you can skip the initial part where people are walking to the "secret place".

And if you could do this version of "Stranger" by Dimash... Would be wonderful @Fable Fil :

Thank you!

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