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First round of STL drops for this week (in The Sphere & on Youtube):

  1. Paris Jackson - Let Down (official music video) Reaction

  2. Röyksopp - 'Oh, Lover' ft. Susanne Sundfør (Reaction)

  3. Loïc Nottet - Chandelier (Sia Cover) [LIVE MNM Marathonradio] Reaction

  4. HAVASI — Daisy's Secret (SILENCE - The Concert Movie) Reaction Municipal, Lisboa ) Reaction

  5. Fight The Night - ONE OK ROCK (with Orchestra Japan Tour 2018 Live Mix) Reaction

  6. Globus - Diem Ex Dei - Live (Reaction)

  7. Dimash - "I'll Die for the Wind of the Mountains." Reaction

  8. Sleeping At Last - "Uneven Odds" (Micro Music Video) Reaction

  9. Einaudi - Fuori Dal Mondo (Remastered 2020) Reaction

*SIDE NOTE* Ana Romati has requested the same song as Becky Nicholas (Dimash - "I'll Die for the Wind of the Mountains). Ana, you can give me another reaction to do for you as I had already done this particular one for Becky. You can leave the link below this post. 🔽

Hope you enjoy.

See you guys tomorrow.

Michael Reiter
Fable Fil
Tom Bredesen
Tom Bredesen
Tom Bredesen
06 juni 2023

They are popping up on YT now so I guess it just upload time to YT that is the issue and its faster to add them to your own platform =)



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