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A lot more early STL drops for you guys (in The Sphere & on Youtube):

  1. Dimash - Love of Tired Swans ~ Димаш Кудайберген (Reaction)

  2. Hua Chenyu - Growing Toward the Sun (Mars Concert 2023) Reaction

  3. Hua Chenyu - Heaven 华晨宇《天堂》带英文歌词 (Reaction)

  4. Lais Scort - Healing Journey (feat. Michelle Menzies) Reaction

  5. Lais Scort - No More Shoulds (Reaction)

  6. Lucifer - Hallelujah (Reaction)

  7. Mic Righteous - The Power Of Love in the Live Lounge (Reaction)

  8. Tengger (Tenger) - Heaven (The Singer 2018, Episode 7) Reaction

  9. Run The Jewels - "Ooh LA LA" feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier (Reaction)

  10. Run The Jewels - JU$T [ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha] Reaction

Hope you enjoy

2 more STL's left to drop tomorrow (both for Tom Bredesen) then we are done.

See you guys tomorrow with more. :)

Fable Fil
Tom Bredesen
Tom Bredesen
Tom Bredesen
26 mai 2023

2 completely different songs, cant wait to see what you think ✌️



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