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Hello fellow Qcumbers a few uploads today in,

Classic/Epic - 🇺🇸 Stevie Ray Vaughan,

🥒Jukebox - 🇺🇸 Elise Trouw,

EDM - 🇺🇸 Damien Escobar, 🇫🇷 Dj Radikal feat. 🇫🇷 Eric Blin

Songs To Make Us Laugh - 🇺🇸 Weird Al Yankovic,

indigo earth - 🇷🇺 Alyona Vargasova,

UK Music - 🇬🇧 Jessie Ware,

- 🇬🇧 Arctic Monkeys.

Enjoy 🙏

Tom Bredesen


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